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The biggest higher education institution in West Pomerania, the University of Szczecin holds full rights of an autonomous university and fulfils all bill requirements. Over the last 35+ years of existence:

  • thousands upon thousands of our graduates have joined the ranks of qualified staff both on the regional and international levels;
  • we have implemented the Bologna Process and continuously develop relationships with numerous national and international education institutions;
  • we have signed 476 agreements with around 200 universities within international and national student exchange programmes such as Erasmus+ and “MOST”;
  • we have become part of NAWA programmes (the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) and are happy to invite both Polish and foreign students to study at our University.

Join our welcoming circle of 11,000 students and enjoy the benefits of studying at the University of Szczecin. Our knowledge and experience are here for you so make sure to seize this opportunity in preparation for your future.

See you in the academic year 2022/2023!

If you’re interested in studying at our University, feel free to peruse this website to learn more about our current study offer, the admissions process, and more.