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Living in Szczecin

Compared to Germany or France, the cost of living in Poland is relatively lower.

You can stay at a student hostel at the average cost of €80-100/month (the price depends on the number of people staying in one room).

If you’d rather live in a private rented accommodation in the city centre, the cost might increase to, and above, €300/month.

The general idea is: the closer the living space is to the city centre, the more expensive it is.

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The average cost of a two-course meal at a milk bar is €3.

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In some places, your student ID entitles you to a discount 😊 Remember to ask if the discount applies next time you buy a ticket, a meal, or a drink.

If you don’t have a bank account already, consider setting one up. When you’re a student, having a bank account is most convenient. It makes it easier for you to:

  • Pay your accommodation costs;
  • Pay your tuition fees;
  • Transfer money and receive applicable grants and scholarship;
  • Make payments without commission;
  • Make payments with a credit/debit card (this helps you adhere to health regulations during the pandemic as it lets you maintain a safe distance from other people)


You can set up a student bank account for free! All you need is:

  • Your student ID;
  • A document which confirms that your stay in Poland is legal.


That’s it! You can set up a bank account in person in any bank in Szczecin.