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If you have any questions about studying at the University of Szczecin as a foreigner, feel free to contact us at

You can also contact the staff of Admissions Office directly:

mgr Karolina Gibka
phone: +48 91 444 11 90

mgr Zyta Jędrzejczak
phone: +48 91 444 11 65

Barbara Kuik
phone: +48 91 444 11 01


Wielkopolska Street 15, room 27
70-451 Szczecin

Monday – Friday: 7:30–15:00

In your e-mail, please include the following information:

  • what your citizenship is,
  • whether you’re interested in a BA programme or an MA programme,
  • whether you’re interested in a programme in the English or Polish language,
  • what secondary school or university you have graduated from.

It will help us provide you with relevant information in a timely manner.


Talk to you soon!