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The University of Szczecin was established under the July of 1984 Act by merging of Faculty of Economics and Szczecin University of Technology with School of Pedagogy. It started its activity in the academic year of 1985/86, quickly developing a post-war academic tradition and playing a culture-developing role in the city and the region.

Currently, with about 1000 academic teachers and over 760 office employees, University of Szczecin is the biggest higher education institution in West Pomerania. It consists of 7 faculties and fulfils all bill requirements.

The number of students attending the university has steadily risen, with about 11,000 students attending the university nowadays. The development of education and infrastructure of the University of Szczecin is constantly being improved and the number of fields of study the university has to offer is constantly enriched with around 80 day or weekend studies currently active.

Students may join some of the 160 active extracurricular clubs where they can publish thematic magazines. Some of the initiatives that students may join are the university theater, university choir, Student Culture Association, University Sports Association of Poland, Independent Students’ Union, AIESEC, and European Law Students’ Association.

One of the advantages in studying at the Szczecin University is the access to all 8 branches of the Main Library and the scope of over 1,350,000 publications they offer.

Since 1998, Szczecin University has been an active participant in the ERASMUS international student exchange programme, working together in partnership with nearly 196 universities from 24 countries all over the world.

In recent years, the University of Szczecin has been carrying out more and more projects which costs amount to 200,000,000 PLN. As a result, the institution is constantly improving the academic and infrastructure database which makes collaboration with the economic environment and national and international research institutes possible.