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English proficiency exam

Do you want to study an English-language degree programme at the University of Szczecin but you don’t have any documents confirming your proficiency level in English?

Don’t worry!

For the purpose of your admission, the University gives you the option to take an exam in English to confirm your proficiency to be at least on level B2.

Last but not least, please follow the schedule carefully because taking the exam is only possible if you meet all the condidtions below by the specified date.

To take the exam, you will need to:
  • upload all the other required documents in your ERK account,
  • let Admissions Office know that you’re interested in taking the exam,
  • pay the examination fee (95 PLN) to the University’s bank account number provided by the Admissions Office staff,
  • upload the English exam declaration and the proof of examination fee payment in your ERK account,
  • attend the exam online.


Accepted English proficiency certificates

Description and schedule of the exam (in 2023)

English exam declaration is available in your ERK account


The English-language exam is divided into two parts: the written part and the spoken part. You can find more information about each part below:

In 2024, the English exam will be held on the following dates:

  • June 18 – 19 (meet all the conditions before June 12)
  • July 22 – 23 (meet all the conditions before July 16)
  • August 20 – 21 (meet all the conditions before August 13)
  • September 16 – 17 (meet all the conditions before September 10)

In case of any questions about the exam, please contact:

Weronika Grabowska
+48 91 444 14 97
Barbara Kuik
+48 91 444 11 01

The written part of the exam:

  • is conducted via a system called Moodle – you will be e-mailed with log-in details and instructions before the exam date;
  • lasts 35 minutes;
  • has three exam tasks: grammar multiple choice test, vocabulary multiple choice test, and a cloze test where you write one word in each blank space;
  • is passed when you score 60% (18 points). Each correct answer will give you one point. The whole test is worth 30 points.

The spoken part of the exam:

  • is conducted via Microsoft Teams – you will be e-mailed with instructions on how to join this part before the exam date;
  • takes 10-12 minutes;
  • consists of an interview conducted by two examiners. You will be given a question to answer which will be followed by a short discussion with the examiners;
  • requires you to show your passport as a way to prove your identity.
The hours of the oral exam will be set individually, about which you will be notified the day before. 
Remember that the most important thing is your freedom of expression on various topics and knowledge of vocabulary.


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