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Due to the location, you can come to Szczecin via several ways.

By airplane:

  • Two airports in Berlin about 160 km away from Szczecin. You can take a bus or train between Berlin and Szczecin.
  • The airport in Szczecin-Goleniów which is 40 km away from Szczecin. You can either travel by bus or take a taxi.
  • The airport in Poznań located 270 km away from Szczecin. To reach the city, you can take a train or go by bus.
  • The airport in Warsaw located 550 km away from Szczecin. Both buses and trains will help you reach the city.

By ferry:

  • There is a ferry line between Trelleborg (Sweden) and Świnoujście, 120 km away from Szczecin. You can take a bus or train to come to the city.
  • Another ferry line is between Ystad (Sweden) and Świnoujście.

Szczecin is included in the European network of motorways and railways so it can be easily reached by car, train, or long-distance buses.

Traveling within Szczecin is most comfortably done using public transport – you can buy a monthly ticket for about €20 (the ticket covers both buses and trams). For more information on the Szczecin public transportation network, visit