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To study at the University of Szczecin, you need to have health insurance. Read on to find out whether you’re eligible for free medical care or not.

Foreigners from the member states of the EU and EFTA

You’re entitled to free medical care within the National Health Fund (NFZ) if you own all the documents below:

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC; EKUZ) — see what it looks like;
  • A valid passport or any other document that confirms your identity;
  • A valid student card.

If you don’t present the documents, you will be charged with medical care costs.

For more information on this type of medical care, follow the link below:


EU citizens who don’t have health insurance in their country of origin

If you don’t have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you may sign a contract with NFZ and take out insurance ZUS ZZA at:

Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
ul. Matejki 22

To sign this contract, you’ll need to bring with you a form no. E104 issued in the country you come from. This form should include:

  • information on when your insurance from your home country ended,
  • confirmation that you are no longer insured there.

In order to sign the NFZ contract, you need to submit all the following documents:

  • Student status confirmation issued by the University of Szczecin;
  • A passport (or any other document that confirms your identity);
  • A certificate of your accommodation.

If you’re a PhD student, you’re not entitled to sign a contract with the NFZ on the conditions listed above. Instead, you should take out insurance in an insurance company in Poland or in your own country.


Foreigners from countries other than the member states of the EU and EFTA

You need to either:

  • sign a contract with the NFZ (Arkońska Street 45, Szczecin) and take out the ZUS ZZA insurance in Poland at Matejki Street 22, Szczecin (it costs around 55,80 PLN/month);
  • or take out the insurance policy in case of sickness and accidents in your own country. The insurance policy needs to be valid for the full time of studying in Poland.

If you don’t have insurance at the time of processing your admission, you need to sign a declaration of taking out insurance and upload it into your ERK account. Find the declaration below:

Insurance — declaration

You may apply to have your health insurance costs covered by the University if:

  • you own a valid Pole’s Card (aka Karta Polaka, the Polish Card);
  • or you’re of Polish origin according to the regulations of repatriation.
    (In this case, you need to submit a declaration of your Polish origin issued by a Polish diplomatic post in your home country. The University will allot the insurance fees to the NFZ.)